November 2023

Prophet Julie Green Pressure is Building picture

Prophet Julie Green – Live with Julie – Pressure is Building – Captions

In this prophetic message, the Lord reassures his children that he will never forsake them and that his promises are always true. He acknowledges the growing weakness and desperation of the enemy, who is trying to overthrow God and divide his body, but encourages his children to resist and not give in to fear. The Lord predicts a great fall of the globalists and the swamp, and urges his children to stay focused on him and trust in his deliverance. He promises restoration, refreshing, and redemption, and assures his children that there is nothing they have done that he will not forgive.

Julie Green Ministries Image

Prophet Julie Green – Live with Julie – Weakness is growing in the White House – Captions

A prophetic message expressing the Lord’s judgment against the enemies of God who have used their governmental positions to kill, steal, and control nations. The Lord declares that their time is up and that they will no longer hold His children hostage under their tyrannical governments. He promises to expose the actors and puppet masters behind these positions and to reveal the connections between foreign entities and the deep state in Washington DC. The Lord assures His children that He is pulling back the curtains and showing them everything that has been done behind the scenes. He promises a time of shaking and restoration, where His glory will fall and miracles will be experienced like never before.