From Prison to Palace with God: Artur Pawlowski’s Inspiring Journey of Hope and Justice! + Captions

Thank you so much, Julie. I'm telling you. It has been a roller coaster that that's for sure.

After months off blackmail, phone calls, political craziness. Finally, I was able to meet the judge and find out what is going to happen to me. — And what did the judge have to say? The last time we were on, you were about a week and a half away from sentencing. And you didn't know at that time, you know, in the natural, what your outcome was.

We had the prophet, the prophetic and what the prophecy said. But what happened in that courtroom? That's the reason why I want to have you on. I wanted your the, all the people to know what happened and what the judge had to say about your trial. — Yeah. So let's go back a little bit for those people that don't, don't know.

So I gave a sermon. During “the big lie”, as I call it, the past three years, I have become, as they called me, Canada's pastor, freedom pastor. I was attending rallies, organizing protests, participating, doing big masses, 15, 20, 000 people and Lord's Supper, worshiping. So the whole thing, just like I witnessed under the boots of the Soviets in Poland under the banner of “solidarity”.

So when the truckers came and the truckers, as you know, that was the biggest civil rights movement in Canadian history, over 1, 000, 000 people participated in that when they called me and they said, Pastor, would Bless us before we go to the capital city of Ottawa.

Would you do a mass for us? Would you sing songs with us? Of course, they didn't have to ask me twice. We also brought food. We fed them. My wife cooked an amazing chili and we had truckloads of food. And I did a church service in the evening. I did another one in the morning. We blessed them off. They went to Ottawa.

I was supposed to go with them. However, thank God for godly women. My wife says to me, okay, if everyone goes to Ottawa, who is going to stay here? Who's going to keep plowing here? We have 15, 20, 000 people showing up every week. And I said, like, well, she has a point. If all of us go, what is going to happen here?

So I stayed behind and I kept plowing the land here in Alberta. And the truckers and farmers organized a truck convoy. to Milk River, Milk River and Coutts. That's the point of entry between Montana and Alberta. And they called me and they said, Pastor we have police officers dressed in military uniforms, pointing machine guns at our children playing hockey.

Would you come and cheer us up? Would you just come in and, you know, bring the word of God and let's do Lord's Supper. Let's sing hymns. So that's what I did. I took my son, Nathaniel. That you've met. And I took my worshiper and speakers, food. We loaded the whole car and we went to Milk River. There was thousands of people over there.

I did another church service. We had Lord's supper. We were singing hymns, national anthem. The police was there. They blocked the entire street. However, I went after my first sermon. I went to the to the command center and I said, well, would you let me go to Coutts? I would like to do the same thing over there.

And they opened the barricade and RCMP just for Americans, that's like your FBI. FBI blocked the whole thing and kept it you know, blocked for anyone that wanted to go. So they opened the barricade. I went to Coutts into a private property, a restaurant called Smuggler's Inn, and I did another church sermon, a 19 minute speech.

We had Lord's Supper. We prayed for the people and we were singing hymns. And during my speech, this is what I said. I told the people to stand for God and state given rights. I told them to do it peaceful three times. During my 19 minutes sermon, we were having a great time reminding ourselves what the whole thing is all about.

And I said to the people, if you don't want to rise up, stand up for yourself, I get that. But do it for the Children and their Children, because what kind of a nation are we going to leave behind? It's really up to us. We're making that decision right now. It was very well received. Police was there, but I don't mind.

They are souls that need to hear about Jesus as well. RCMP left us. No one bothered us. No one stopped us. We went home. And as you remember, a few days later, I was arrested by... Canadian FBI you know, it, it was a gong show. This was a takedown of El Chapo of Calgary, Al Capone of Canada. I was arrested by anti terrorists.

The SWAT team came with special cameras special unit detectives, Calgary police uniform undercover. It was crazy. They blocked the entire street. Off I went to prison…. I was interrogated for hours. Then stripped naked, put in solitary confinement, metal cages, all kinds of different things concrete cells no water, no washroom.

They denied access to my lawyers for three weeks, no glasses, no Bibles. They confiscated my Bibles. They would even take my pen away because they said I am considered to be the most dangerous terrorist in the country. And ultimately, as you know. I was feeling down. I called my wife. Sometimes they would keep me in solitary for 26 hours straight in a little cage.

So when I was let out, I would take a shower and I would call my wife and I said to her, and that's where you come in. I said to her, I'm going to take a shower. It does. Does anyone care what is happening in Canada? Does anyone care that this government is a totalitarian, evil, wicked, you know, wannabe pharaoh government just like I witnessed when I was growing up?

Does anyone care? And my wife said, listen, Don't quit. Don't give up. Why did she say that? Because during the time the Crown prosecutor that accused me of causing Canadian economy over 400 million worth of damages for my sermon and compared my sermon to Arwanda genocide, he said that this man was like someone inciting murder on other people.

And you can listen to them to the sermon yourself and decide what I said. Warranted that or not. So anyway, the Crown Prosecutor came a number of times offering me a plea deal. Hey, sign this paper and you can go home. And that's exactly, Julie, what they wanted. They wanted Artur Pawlowski to say, I'm guilty, I'm a terrorist, I'm a bad person, I'm sorry, I'll never do it again.

That's what they wanted in the front pages. So my wife said, don't quit. Don't give up. God is with you. There's tens of thousands of people that are emailing me calling like the phone never shuts off. It shut that's down. It's crazy. And there is this woman, this prophetess, Julie Green, that says something and here it is.

And she played it for me in prison. So I'm sitting over there and tears are coming and I'm listening to your prophecy about… this was the most important thing is not, not even you will be out soon. It's The message that God sees me, that he knows what is happening to me, that he understands the pain that and that was the most important thing because you see, Julie, when God is with you and for you, nothing else matters.

That's the ultimate victory. That's the ultimate crown that God is for us and with us, and he will never leave us. He will never forsake us. And I needed to be reminded of that. But that's not the end of the story. The next day came because I only had a few minutes and they would, you know, force me to go back to the little cage.

And the next day came and I said right away, I think it was my son that answered the phone at that time. I said, Well, can you read it to me again? Because what they were doing in the prison, it was very hard to hear sometimes. And they were messing with my phone call privileges. Sometimes they would shut it off.

Sometimes they would make it in such a way that I could not even hear the other side. And they could Barely hear me as well. So I said, read it to me and read it loud. And he did it. And I said, okay, again, read it to me again. I need to hear that. And that's what kept me going. The understanding that God is with me, the understanding that he has never forsaken me, that this ordeal will end, that one day he is going to let me out of this horrible, evil place.

You know, I was locked in Calgary Remand Centre, you know, Julie, Calgary Remand Centre is considered the The number three worst prison in a, in a democratic country, so called the number one is I think it's Black Swan in Russia when the inmates are forced to go backwards. And then the second one is max prison in Texas.

And Calgary Remand Centre is number three. That's how bad it is. But going back to the story now, I faced my oppressors and I'm telling you. I believe that it is because of the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people that were praying that were storming heaven saying to God, God, this is a great injustice.

Do not allow them to put this man back into prison. Why? This was so important because Julie, you know that they will try to murder me multiple times. They put my house on fire, they unscrewed tires and the tire just took off. They, we have testimonies of five different inmates that the guards were giving them incentives to beat me severely or to murder me in prison.

When they kidnapped me from Calgary and took me to Edmonton and locked me in Max Spot for the most dangerous terrorist in the country. They put me in freezing conditions shivering, no blanket. I asked them for an extra blanket and they laughed and they said, well. At least you have fresh air. It was minus 28.

So I called my wife and I said my goodbyes. I mean, this was a serious, serious thing. And I was supposed to, Julie, why is this important? Because I was supposed to be put back in the same place — mm-hmm — to the Remand Center, to the very place that I exposed. And I have been talking about, the level of corruption there.

And they wanted to put me back right there. So I said, I'm not coming out alive. Unless God intervenes. I'm as good as dead if they put me back in the same place. So, what happened was... We activated spiritual political arena and physical political arena people. Thousands upon thousands of people started to call the office of the premier, the, you know, office of the minister of… so-called Minister of Justice here and my son testifying in the European Parliament.

And then, of course, coming to the United States of America, Franklin Graham advocated for me, General Flynn and others. Good people spread the word around and that activated political pressure and spiritual pressure on the oppressors. And I faced my oppressor judge Gordon Krinky. Gordon Krinky found me guilty on terrorism.

He says that I am a terrorist and I am guilty of inciting mischief. And by the way, everyone that participated in the truck convoy is a criminal as well. and he found me guilty. Now I was facing 12 years of imprisonment. The crown prosecutor sent a letter To my lawyers saying that your client is unrepentant and he used that word, Julie, unrepentant.

I find this fascinating because everything is tied within the kingdom of God. Even the enemies are using the language that God puts on their lips. It's prophetic. My life, Julie, everything that is happening is a prophetic movement of God for something that I don't see yet, but I know that it's coming.

So we went to the, to the court, but we understand the concept of spiritual warfare. And I want to encourage you never to give up no matter what. Do what God is putting on your heart. So here's what we did every time we are in court, we do church service. on the steps of the courts every time. So I'm on the outside on the inside.

But before that, we set up a huge cross. We bring big, powerful speakers. We have worship. We have Lord's Supper sometimes and we preach. Then I go into the building and the worshipers and the church worships God and preaches and it's absolutely amazing! And the day before on Sunday the 17th….

And then again, it's very important to understand that this was the... The most holy time of the year in God's calendar, right? That was Yom Kippur leading to Yom Kippur. There was Rosh Hashanah 10 days of Awe. I mean, everything that the Feast of Trumpets, everything was happening at the same time.

And here I'm facing 12 years of imprisonment. I thought it was just 10. But then the judge corrected me. 10 years for inciting and two years for that another charge. They charged me with breach of probation, not keeping peace and being of good behavior. Rubbish. So, eventually I went inside before I gave a speech and I said everything.

And I mean, everything I could think of that the enemy did not want me to say… everything…. I repeated what I said during the sermon in Coutts to the truckers. I added a few more things. I called their names and I said, I'm unrepentant. I have nothing to repent. You evil, wicked people have to repent and God will judge you because I serve the Judge of judges.

He is the Judge of judges. So I went inside and I said goodbye to my family. I kissed my daughter and I said, Well, I don't know when I will see you again. But I know that if I am to go down, I will go down with a big bang. And if they wanna charge me for this sermon now, so be it. I went inside. There was hundreds of people that showed up, packed court, and then the lawyers were arguing back and forth. And here is an unusual thing that happened. I am a little bit of an expert now. I faced 120 court cases, 340 citations, 16 arrests. So when I was there the judge heard the arguments, the crown prosecutor was seeking up to one year. a minimum one year of imprisonment.

Then in the court, he changed that from eight months to 10 months of imprisonment. They really wanted me in prison, even though the real villains are let go on probation. As we remember, I was a year and a half on house arrest under, you know, Probational oversee whatever. And so here is what the judge said:

The judge said that he is going to reserve his decision and will go out and discuss with others. And everyone was like, what you just said? This is a judge. They never ever say stuff like this. He says, I have to go out and discuss this sentencing with others. So he leaves the courtroom and we're like, what is happening?

So he went somewhere. We don't know with whom he was discussing the verdict. But I'm telling you, the pressure was unbelievable. If they would lock me back in prison, I would immediately become a martyr. And and, and I think they realized that. I think they realized that me on the inside would cause them more trouble, more problems than me on the outside.

As much as they hate me on the outside, they hate me more on the inside. So, the judge came back and sentenced me to 61 days of imprisonment. In the most cruel place, the remand center. However, because I was already imprisoned in the pretrial imprisonment the judge says, well, “time served”.

So I walked out of that courtroom, a free man, and I'm telling you why this is so important? Because there were so many people from around the world, including you, that prophesied that I will never go back to prison, including you, you prophesied that, you know, from from a cell to a palace, like Joseph, things are going to happen in one day, and I will be not just a free man, but I will be given some sorts of authority for such a time as this, because we know that Joseph received his authority, not just for the selfish ambitions.

He didn't care. He didn't want to be the prime minister, but he got that, first of all, because he was willing to go all the way and he refused to compromise. Also, he was being prepared for tough times, and only people that are willing to pay the price, if you will, only those people that are willing to go through the hardship as a preparation can endure what's coming.

And I believe what's coming is a biblical thing. I believe the people will need some kind of leadership that is tough and strong and tested in the fire over and over again and came out of that fire without bowing before the enemy. So, right now, last week we appealed the decision. So it's not over.

The fight continues. We've appealed it and we're heading to the Supreme Court in the province of Alberta. In the meantime. And here is an exciting…. Here is an exciting thing! In the meantime, I hired another set of lawyers and we are gathering evidence against them. I'm suing the Canadian government for what they have done to me.

I remember when I was in prison and I phoned my wife and here is what she said. She said, Art, they will have to pay you every minute that you spent here. For every minute, not for every hour, for every minute, those people will pay and some will die for what they have done to you. So, you know, it's an exciting time.

I just received a couple of days ago a letter from my legal team, the second legal team, saying that they're almost done with the preparation of documents for the lawsuit. And we're going after all of them. We're going after the police. We're going to go after the politicians. We're going after the mainstream media, the propaganda.

We're going after all those entities that collaborated in putting me in prison. Effectively, Julie, I have become the first Canadian in the history of this country. To be found guilty of inciting…. My sermon was on trial. It has never been done before. There were no witnesses called. It was just my words.

Imagine a trial. You walk into a courtroom and there are no witnesses. There's nothing except what this man meant. When he said this word that was going on for two days, word by word, sentence by sentence, this was the first time in the history of Canada that something like this was done, that they were digesting and judging a sermon.

So ultimately, I became the first Canadian to be found guilty on inciting and the first Canadian to be found guilty, charged and found guilty on eco terrorism, the charge of interfering with the crucial infrastructure under the Defense Act. Even though I have not interfered with anything, I have not blocked anything.

I was not even the organizer of the protest. I was In the capacity of a pastor delivering a sermon, and that should be protected in Canada. We have a provision in the criminal code of Canada, section 176 - 1, 2 & 3, that clergy are protected during their duty. I was not calling for violence. I was not calling for anything.

I said, paralyze their system by refusal to cooperate with them. And for that. The solidarity movement scared them so much, they panicked, and now it's fascinating because they do not know what to do with me. — You know, this is one thing when I, when I heard immediately. That, you know, time served and they, and they let you go.

And I immediately thought of that prophecy that the Lord had given. And so I had to go back and read it. And so, because God's words, they're his words. You were judged on your word, on what you said, those words, terrified them. Those words terrify the enemy, your boldness. Terrifies the enemy because you wouldn't submit.

You wouldn't bow just like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego didn't, they didn't bow to Nebuchadnezzar. And when they didn't, it made him angry. That's exactly what you saw. God's people right now, as you said, God is preparing his people because we are in a fight in every nation. That's why no matter what prophetic word I've had, I always tell people, listen, freedom is not just for this country.

Freedom is for God's people worldwide. God has been talking about Canada. He's been talking about China. He's been talking about Australia. He's been talking about France. He's been talking about all these different nations around the world where he wants his people. He's even said one prophetic word was it's time to fight.

You are an amazing example, and you are awakening Canada. And that's what petrifies them. Because if you have people like you in that country, now, no matter what they throw at you, no matter how bad it is, they're threatening you with your life. They're terrorizing you and tormenting you in prison. And you're still not bowing.

They didn't know how to break you and they didn't realize, and they didn't see. They couldn't break you because you have the God that's on the inside of you that was giving you strength. Even when we are going through these things, you don't feel like you have any. And that's why when I heard these prophetic words, when I hear prophetic words regarding people, I don't know if they're gonna hear them or not.

I just have to say what God needs me to say. And when I talked to you in Oregon, and I cried, and I cried, and I cried, and I still cry when I think about it. What God did. Because he was using you and he just wanted to show his love for you and tell you that he had not forsaken you and tell you that you were going to persevere and rise above through it all.

This was February 12th of 2022 when he said, there'll be justice and victory for my son, Artur Pawlowski, because they use him as an example. And then he says, listen, my son, I'm exposing their dirty plots against you. Vindicating your name. You are another Joseph in this hour. Your life will be changed in one day, and one day is all I need, my son. And you will rise higher and never be taken prisoner again. He says, all who imprisoned you will fall and be imprisoned themselves. Some will die by the angel of death. You are being vindicated now, my son. So hold on. Hold your ground. The Great I Am, I’m coming to deliver you!

That was February 12th of 2022. That was well over a year and a half ago. Oh, there's your wife. Hi Marzena, how are you? There we go. There's his beautiful wife. How are you doing? — Oh, I had to drive our daughter to school, but good to see you. — Good to see you too! We were just talking about how, what God was saying in these prophetic words and how, you know, Artur was judged by the words that he said, because those words were powerful.

Those words were awakening people in your country. Those words meant something really detrimental against your enemies and they wanted to stop those words from coming to pass, and they also wanted to see how far you were going to take it And how much you were going to to stand And how or if you were going to bow by their submission and so when we don't cower We don't bow when we stand i'm telling you God is has so many good things in store for you and the blessings he's going to bring to you because you did not back off and he is going to use you as a such a great voice in your nation.

He's going to raise you higher in your nation. There is a great awakening in your nation. There is freedom coming in your nation and the government that you see before you, that has fought you and fought you and fought you, God has talked about over and over their destruction. He's talked about bringing them down.

He's talked about bringing other people in. He talked about how Canada is going to be coming together with this nation. I mean, there's so many things, but I'm telling you, you are a key part. And what's going on in the spiritual reawakening of your country. And that's the reason why you were put under so much hell was to stop that reawakening in that country; and the devil couldn't do it. He can't do it. He can't! Just like what's going on with our president here, our rightful one, President Trump, our rightful one, they're throwing everything they can to stop him. Everything. But it's not gonna work. Just like they can't throw everything at you, and it's gonna work. It's not gonna work.

God's plan always will succeed and so that's why I love and and I also want to put this on the screen I want you anybody you guys who's watching. I know there's a lot of people watching right now on Rumble, there's a lot of people watching right now on Facebook…. You guys please help give to them and to to pay for all of these legal fees because this is another thing that the enemy is trying to do It's just like what they're doing with our rightful president They're trying to break people financially with legal fees one court case after another after another after another They're fighting in one way, but they're also fighting financially.

So if anybody, you guys could give, please give to to them, please, please, please, because obviously they are, they're fighting a hard fight and they are winning it. So I just love it. So I want to hear from Marzena too. What did you think about what happened in that court case that day? And what the judge had done, it was so not conventional about what happened in court.

— It was not. And let me tell you this: in one hand, I was extremely relieved that Artur is coming home. However, yes, But there's, but still. He was found guilty and still they gave him 61 days of prison that I have to talk to Bo Polny, what that means. Maybe it means something in the, in the, in the, in the, in the God's calendar.

Maybe it does. Because I think it was significant that he was 50 days in jail when he was, when, when you were prophesied 50, not 30, not 33, 50. That was, that was something, year of jubilee and all that. So I, I have to talk to, to Bo about that, of course, relief, he's coming home, but on the other side, still, he was found guilty, still he was sentenced to jail, time served, nevertheless, he was found guilty.

So we will not stop. until his record is completely completely clean. As you said, not even a trace, not even a trace. And I don't know if Artur mentioned his dream? When we were the night before. — I didn't. — Yeah. Say that because it was interesting. He never dreams. I don't know what's wrong with him! He never dreams when he has a dream, it's like twice a year and it's always prophetic. So, but he said exactly the same sentence like you. Not even a trace. — Yeah. So I, we all dream. I just don't remember any dreams. And I think that the thing is that I dream. When I'm awake, I have big dreams, big dreams because I serve a big God.

So the sky is the limit. I know that my God can do whatever he wants and he can send us and we will be victorious. So I have a dream, but when I sleep, I never remember dreams unless they are prophetic. So a day before Sunday, we arrived in Lethbridge. And Lethbridge is a very interesting city because the judge was politically appointed.

Gordon Krenke is not from Lethbridge. He was politically appointed to judge me. And I think he was either coerced or bribed or blackmailed. I don't know. He was told how to judge. He was told to find me guilty because I don't know if you remember. The last time we were talking, the judge, when he was reading his verdict, he was shaken and he was drinking constantly.

He couldn't say, you know, two sentences without sipping water, like so nervous. So I said, he's going to find me guilty for sure because he's not like himself now. He knows what he's doing is wrong. He knows that, but he's doing it for whatever reason that they told him to do it. So, Lethbridge is an interesting city because I just received statistics.

So that's the court I was being judged. And yet, at the same time, the city was being judged. Do you know, Julie, that now in the city of Lethbridge, there's 10 to 15 times more people dying than two years before! 10 to 15 times more people are dying because of the, you know, of the jab. And that's pretty much all across Canada right now.

But Lethbridge is, I think one of the worst. So going back on Lethbridge on Sunday, the church, the truckers, the farmers, they all went to the court and they did the “Jericho March” seven times around the court and with with lights and with shofars and with singing like the whole nine yards, they put speakers and they worship seven times around. In the morning, as I said, we had the church service and I did my final - I thought, sermon - nail it to the coffin, if you will, if you want to find me guilty, I'll die, you know, with a big bang. But the night we went there. So it's a few hours away from where we live. So we didn't want to rush it. We took the kids. I wanted to, like my wife says, eat my last meal and say goodbye.

And we rented a place with a swimming pool for the kids. You know, just just a little bit of a family. We even took a dog. We never took a dog with us to a hotel. But you know, like the whole family went. My father came, my brother, his wife and and then we went to bed and I had a dream. And here is the dream:

I was standing by the ocean and the waves were coming, big waves, but I saw a lot of dirt on the sand. Like on the beach on the sand, lots of dirt and a lot of things on it. And that wave came and wiped this whole dirt away. And then I saw this absolutely crystal clear sand beach, beautiful like you always see on the pictures.

And then I heard a voice, “There will be not even a trace”; just like this dirt was taken by the sea by that wave and left not even a trace, not footprints, nothing. It was just brand spanking new and it ended. And I said to my wife. You see, I even forgot about that. And I said, Well, that's very unusual because I really don't remember dreams.

But that reminds me of Julie Green when she said that there will not be “even a trace” when everything is going to be said and done. — That's why we know this is not over. This is not over. But I was listening next door a little bit to what you were saying and what Artur was saying. And God was setting an example, God was setting an example, but even, even that they understand the right things and they, and they want to stand and fight, but they are not ready to pay the price.

So, they say my husband, she said, my husband says he's ready, but he doesn't know that he's not ready because what if he loses his business and all that. And I'm not judging that. I'm not judging that. But I'm saying that God is choosing leaders that will go all the way and pay the price for others to kind of say, okay, “he could do it, I can do it”. And this is, this is, let me tell you, it was extremely hard because of course we were hoping for the best, but you always prepare for the worst. When a soldier goes to war, he may die. But he's hoping he will come back to his family. So the same here. I prepare myself to take over the media.

So he had to leave me all the passwords. I, I was making sure that everything gets repaired in the house, which it’s not. And, and, you know, all those little things because we were, we were ready to pay the price. I was making sure that the banking and all of that that I have all the passwords. What if he goes for a year?

I said, okay, Artur, maybe it's going to be five days. What if it's a year? So prepare me for a year. And this is what I'm saying, that serving God, you have to will to die. But that's easy. You have to, you have to, you have to, you have to understand that you may die, you have to understand that you may lose your business, that you may you may lose your family for a season.

And, and I talk to many people that did that during the COVID half of our church. lost their family because, because of children didn't want to see the mom because mom is not jabbed and all that. So you have to will that. You have to, you have to be willing, be willing to pay the price. And I think we have not many leaders, as you know, Julie, right now.

And sometimes you, you, you talk to people and they are hiding behind, or you have to be wise, or I have to pay my bills. It's, what about Jesus? He paid the price. He paid the price already. So, and I think during our journey for more than 20 years with God, first God will give you to win your neighborhood, to win your house, to win your children's school, then you go and win the country.

But We found very quickly with Artur, that people are not willing to pay even a ticket for the truth, not even criminal ticket bylaw ticket. I remember we were fighting in the city of Calgary for a fact that we can distribute bibles and pamphlets because we found out very quickly that this is illegal.

And remember, I remember everybody scattered. Just Artur with, Artur with three more volunteers stood there because the pastor said, Artur, I'm not willing to pay the price. So, but it was at the end of the day, it was just a bylaw ticket, 75, maybe a hundred, maybe a thousand bylaw ticket. And this is what, this is why we lost this country.

And I know people are, and pastor are right now listening to you and, and, and others. And this is my answer. You were not willing to stand 20 years ago to pay a bylaw ticket. And you're asking right now why we lost the country? Seriously? So, they tried, they tried to with Artur when he was in jail, they wanted two things for him, just two things, just plead to the smallest one, to the smallest one of accusations that you're guilty, just say that you're guilty.

And the same with our everyday day life, just, just compromise to this little thing, just compromise, you know? It's all, I'm not saying we are this super holy and righteous, but we cannot compromise because small compromise is just a door, the door that you open and then you're surprised that your, your city and your country is full of demons.

And we just lost seven mountains by treachery, by compromise, by backsliders. How? Because, oh well, the government says let's not preach about that, let's not preach about that. So right now not only they are killing our children's innocent, innocent blood is crying. Right now they say, we want to have sex with your children.

Is that okay? You said no, right now right now they, they are taking over the, the school. So, of course, we, we, we didn't want the war. We sort of are winning just one battle. Another battle is going to be to, to be, to take, to take back the, the, the seven mountains. Yeah. And yes. And one of them is, is, is.

educational system, children. — Yeah. — And I'm saying this over and over again, then we have a pandemic and it's called transgenderism. And right now we're going to have the next generation of broken people, depressed people. We are saying about the judgment and paying the price. That's the judgment, their own sin in their life.

It's already judgment. Because really, when you look into those families that did this to their children it's a mess. It's absolutely a mess. And they the, the, the social, whoever is controlling the social media, they are doing pretty good job with taking down all the information about suicide when it comes to those kind of children, when they suddenly say, you know, mom, I want it back.

There's no “back”. — That's right. — There's no back. It's not like, it's not like, oh, it's cool right now to wear, I don't know, the toilet on your head and, and you can take it down. No, there's no, there's, there's, there's no coming back and, and this is our, this is going to be our next battle, but it's going to be a long one because for the next generation we're going to have, we're going to deal with broken, broken children. You want to add to that?

— Yeah. Well… — Tell what you did yesterday with Nathaniel? — You know, I, I want, I want to say something about the next generation of lions rising and lionesses. My son, Nathaniel, you've met him. He was always a quiet boy.

He, He always wanted to be in the background and says, You know what? I don't want to be involved. I don't want to end up like you being arrested all the time. And that's the only thing he saw as a as a kid. Like, think about it, Julie. For the past 18 years, his father has been in and out of jail. Arrested multiple times ticketed.

I spent more time in a courtroom than in the church as a pastor. I mean, just just think about that statement alone. I spent more time in a court. Some of my trials was as long as three weeks for feeding the poor for distribution of printed material, Bibles, gospel tracts, for having an offensive signage.

“Jesus loves you”, for placing material on the ground, barbecues and and tables to feed the hungry. We feed thousands of people on the streets of Calgary and we're doing it for 24 years and not just here. We established ministries in Africa, in Europe, Poland has over 30 street churches like this that we started.

So Nathaniel looked at all of this hardship and said, I'm not really interested. Come on. You know, I don't want to be poor and in jail because we were very successful business people. We had seven houses. We had properties. Everything was stolen from us by this corrupted government. They even came to take our home and The one that we live in for foreclosure because I could not pay taxes.

Millions of dollars worth of legal fees. And you're right. That's how they break you. Donald Trump was a billionaire when he started this. Now I've heard that he lost hundreds of millions of dollars. Because of the fight. That's how they want to destroy you. If they cannot finish you because you're too courageous, you're too bold, you're too brave.

The spirit of the living God is in you and you just cannot break you. They will try to finish you off financially. So I really appreciate anyone that is willing to chip in and help us. I mean, we spent over 1 million in the past three years in legal fees. Just think about it. I'm a… we're nothing. We're little… You know, I'm a little preacher, a little pastor in the city of Calgary, the smallest in my father's house, and yet God has given us a very big task. And I said so many times, one man cannot do it, one family cannot do it, one little church cannot do it, but together in solidarity, we can do it. So going back to Nathaniel, when I was put in prison the last time, I think something happened in him. He got activated. He decided, fine, we've lost this nation. And if we young people will not rise up and stand up, then we will have no nation to live in. And wow, like a wildfire he went! Now he organizes rallies, protests. He, he says to me, Dad, you need to up your game, right? And I'm thinking like, Oh my goodness, what have I done?!!

I raised a monster now, a freedom fighter that is challenging me. So yesterday He organized a rally outside of Calgary's Board of Education. Why is this so important? Because this is a snake pit. This is a brutal viper. This is a place where no one touches. Everyone is terrified. We're talking about billions of dollars, lawyers, police protecting them.

And my son comes to me. So I'm organizing a rally outside of the building. I said, Seriously? I just got… I just walked out of - 10, 12 years possibly of imprisonment, and I can't just let you do this alone! I have to be there with you! So yesterday we all went and Antifa was there and you know, the masked bandits were there and and and the whole gong show, vile, evil, perversion, men dressed as women, showing us satanistic signs and you name it, yelling and screaming.

But then I watched the young people. Nathaniel, Declan Declan is what? 18? His sister she is Robin. She's what? 16? 17. 17. And others around young people rising up and speaking with… Julie… with such a boldness! With such a wisdom that I was just like, My jaw dropped. And I said, Thank you, Jesus, that this torch is being picked up by the next generation!

And that's why we do what we do, Julie! I said to my son, anything you want now, whatever I can to support you if you need legal bills. Oh, well, my God, I just spent $35, 000 on his lawyers because he was arrested and charged with attending an illegal protest, and he read the Bible during that protest and was charged with harassment.

So I had to hire lawyers for him. But I said, son, don't worry. Go and fight. This is your land. This is your inheritance. If you will not fight with our support, you will have no nation to live under. And that's the message. I think if I can summarize the message of Artur Pawlowski’s family fight it is the message that God is bigger than the giants of the land.

The message would be simple: If you want to see Jesus, if you want to see your enemies perish, if you want to see… if you want to have an encounter with the living God, you must go to the fire… in the fire, He sets the captives free… in the fire, He shows up to to comfort you… in the fire, you will be the biggest walking testimony… in the fire is your promotion!

You must tackle the giant and like David, we must be like David. David saw a giant, and he said to himself, this dude is too big to miss! On the other side of that mountain of a man is my destiny is my opportunity to become a man that God wants me to become. And so when I look at the young people and I want to encourage you, don't you ever think you're too young!

Don't you ever think that you are not wise enough! Don't you think ever that you don't have enough knowledge! Listen to us, Polish immigrants growing up under the boots of hell - with broken English, that have become a symbol of resistance, a symbol of freedom, a symbol of hope! Julie, the one number thing that people are looking for is not just a leadership because we don't have leaders anymore…

They're looking for hope. I think that's why the devil was terrified and still terrified of us. Because we are messengers of hope. Our God is bigger than the uncircumcised Philistine. Our God is bigger than all the giants combined together. Our God is bigger than all the silver and the gold. All of that actually belongs to Him.

All the cattle on the thousand hills. Our God is bigger than the Red Sea moment. Our God is bigger than the chariots of the pharaohs. Our God is bigger than... All of those other raging with hatred nations around us. And you know what? When you align yourself within the kingdom of God, you have already won!

Imagine a soldier going to the battlefield, with a smile on his face or her face saying, Ha! I’ve already won! I don't even have to really swing the sword. I'm doing it for theatrical purposes because the victory is already ours. And that's the story. That's the message, Julie, that needs to go over and over again.

If God is for us, who can be against us? Greater is he that is in us than the one that is in them. We know that Jesus said it is finished. It's done. I've already won. Do you want the victory? Take it and run. And that's what the young people are doing it. It was a privilege for me to be there with the young people yesterday tackling such a huge giant.

There was more police officers than us. So imagine that with so many cops, it was unbelievable, but they stood their ground. They stood the ground and they gave glory to God, with a young generation like this…. And I hope that more and more will join the fight. Our nations are not lost.

— Praise the Lord. And you know, I just did a pre recording for next week cause I'm going to be gone.

And I just did one that was called “wake up”. And then or I think it was called wake up. It was called no, “An Attack is Coming”. And then the second one was " A Resistance is Growing”. And when you were talking about this, And God says, “MY resistance is growing”... and we are talking about what's going on in Canada….

And you're talking about what's going on with the younger generation. You're talking about, you see what's going on in this country and you see what's going on. And this is, this is not just our two countries. This is really worldwide. And God was saying, my resistance is growing. It is because finally people are seeing that they don't have to bow down.

They don't have to get in. Now I will tell you, we will see each other at the Reawaken America Tour. I'm so excited. We can see each other in person, but you know, I was just talking to General Flynn and Clay about it, because the Reawaken America Tour, a lot of these pastors won't have us in that tour in their churches; because “it's too controversial”. It causes too many problems. Too many people will leave or whatever, or the news, the news, as soon as the news gets a hold of where we are going to be at, they immediately go and intimidate somebody. They immediately go intimidate that church. And so, clay has to change it to something else.

And this is the, this is the thing. It broke my heart when I was finding out all these things. And I said, well, where are all these people? Where are the pastors? We are about to literally... We already had elections stolen. Everyone knows that they were stolen. It was obvious. We have a tyrannical government. We have a government that's taking away our freedoms. They are literally destroying our constitution. They are literally going after their opponent, which is our rightful president. They're trying to destroy him financially, destroy his family, destroy his reputation. And so he's not on, so he can't actually be in this next election.

They're trying to stop him from being on the ballot to be in this next election. And this is where I'm loving hearing what's going on in Canada and what you guys are doing to stand and fight. I am wondering, because when I saw that convoy, that truck convoy in Canada, and I'm like, why isn't there one here?

Why, where are the American people that are willing to stand up and say, I'm not gonna back off. We have a constitution. We have laws that protect our freedoms. Where are these people and I got really like what is going on? And then you see what's happening with all those people who were unjustifiably arrested with January 6. They were peaceful people were praying and worshiping God and and they were like families were there. There's so much corruption in this nation and it's like, this is what's going to take:

It's going to take people like you and your wife and your family. And it's going to take people like that in Canada, what's going on there to start bringing our countries back to God. And that's the reason why we have so much resistance. But we have to be persistent. We have to be that, that persistence that won't back off, that won't quit, that won't shut up.

No matter how much persecution I get, and I have gotten not, not as much as you have, but I've gotten persecution in different ways. I don't care. I laugh because you know what? I don't care what other people think. I don't care what other people are doing. I am focusing on our Father. I'm focusing on that freedom.

I'm focusing on my nation that I've had family members and my own family members die in war. And I said, I am not going to let them die in vain. This is a country that's worth fighting for. It's a God worth fighting for. And God won't ever fail. And so seeing… when he said in that prophetic word… and when you said, “No trace!”... This is what we're talking about.

He said, vindication, vindication. That means there is no trace. That means complete exoneration. That means that guilty verdict, like you said. It's not just good enough that you, you didn't have to go back to jail. God is so careful about caring for us. He cares about vindicating your name. He cares about clearing it fully and totally.

So that's exactly how we're going to pray next. We pray that you weren't going to go back to prison, and now we're going to pray that you're going to be completely vindicated. And not only… when a thief has been caught in Proverbs 6:31, he has to give it back sevenfold. So we're going to pray that you are going to get vindication, and you're going to get just completely exonerated of all these things.

But you're going to be given back all these things that you've had to pay out for all of these court, court cases and stuff. Because that's God. God cares about you, and he wants to make you whole, not just “good enough where you're free”... It's I want to replace everything that's giving back to you and you can see that with the book of exodus That's what he did with his people and that's what he's doing now. God is a good God and he's going to replace what has been stolen because he's a God of restoration. So I just hope everybody who's watching has…. I’ve had a fire in me. I've had a fire in me for a long time. I hear you guys talk…. It even grows even greater fire in me to stand and fight even harder to hear the story.

— I want to just add something. I was Julie, so nervous. I'll tell you, I'll confess something, okay? I confess to the whole world. I was, of course, I was anxious about what is going to happen.

Am I back in [jail] and what they're going to try to do there because they don't play fair? But I think my biggest concern was that all those... Prophetic words, including yours, will not come to pass. And then the enemy, because this one went viral, your prophecy went viral. Like everywhere people heard your prophecy and they were sending it thousands of times.

Have you heard? Have you heard? Have you heard? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It was like, and to this day. I get this prophecy to this day, people send me, but Julie said this. Don't worry. She said this. And there were others like you saying you're not going to prison. They will not win. You will win. And I'm thinking going to that to that court, knowing that the judge is so corrupted.

I thought to myself, God do not allow all those prophetic words to not be true because the enemy will mock them. The enemy will mock us. They will laugh in our faces, say, look, even your own prophets are liars. They don't hear really from God. So I was a little bit worried about that. God do not allow the enemy to have the final say.

So when the judge said, “Time served…”, immediately I said, “Thank you, Jesus, that the words of all the prophets, prophetesses came true. So your name can be glorified!” Because there is for me, there's nothing worse than the name of the Lord being mocked. — That's right. — And that's that's really like a knife in my heart when people do that stuff.

And I want to just say it. And I know Marzena has a word. I want to say about perseverance, about determination very early, many, many years ago, decades ago, God showed me that being a Christian is like being a farmer. A farmer is a very peculiar individual. Because the farmer works so hard before he even sees anything, he has to remove the stones, he has to cultivate the land, he has to put stuff in the land, and then the most remarkable thing happens.

The farmer takes gold, literally gold, and throws it Into the dust, into the dirt, into the dirt. He takes his hard earned money and he throws it away. Imagine that and all of this, that man or that woman is doing for one purpose. There's only one explanation. They're doing this based on the promises of God that “What a man soweth, that's what he will reap.” And not just the same, but 40, 60, you know, hundred folds. He throws the money into the ground. That's the job of a Christian. You don't have to see the harvest yet. Take the stones away, prepare the ground. Put a seed into the ground and then enjoy what God is about to do.

That's the life of a prophet. That's the life of a pastor. That's the life of every Christian. That's how we are supposed to work. That's how we are supposed to manifest and have faith, believing that what God said is the truth. And then just waiting for the manifestation of that truth. So do not be discouraged because you sometimes don't see something.

Do not be discouraged because it's not going the way you thought it is going to go. Sometimes there is rain, sometimes there is too much sun. Sometimes things don't go our way. However, the word of the Lord stands… the harvest will be great, because it comes from Hm.

— Amen. I love that! I seriously just love that! Go go ahead…

— No, no, this is this is this is hundred percent. I agree, but I cannot… I cannot wrap my head around…. I don't know how to emphasize this, that what we do, what you do, what others are doing is setting up an example and they are always after the leaders they are off of history is teaching us this, that strike the leader, Yes? And. And this is what we are witnessing right now. And we have our battles here and now. But also, even if, in the name of Jesus Christ, they won't, but even if they would harm us, Julie, you, us, they will wipe us up, it means nothing. Because we set up the example that thousands and millions of people are going to take that torch, and they're going to continue.

So that's why they can never win with believers. They can never win with believers. And I know that I know this responsibility on us that we are setting up The Way. Of course, Jesus did it for us, but we this is the responsibility and doesn't matter. Young and old are right now watching and they are saying enough is enough because enough is enough.

Enough. It's enough what they are doing. If you, if you would tell me this 20 years ago, I would say you crazy what is happening right now. No way this is going to happen, but it's happening. And we, all those years we are, we were waiting for prosecution, prosecution and end times. This is end times. This is end times!

But I always knew, you. that even in the, in the darkest hour, the light is going to shine. — Amen. — And it's our job for that light to shine high. Amen?

— Amen! And this is the thing. God is a faithful God and he is looking for people. He gave me prophetic word last year sometime. He said, where are my Joshua's?

Where are my Caleb's? Where are my Daniel's? Where are my Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego's? Where is a Joseph? Where are these people that will stand up in the face of adversity and know that I am that God in the Bible Who always showed up in the darkest hour, that always showed up in the fiery furnaces? God no matter what… like Shadrach Meshach and Abednego… They weren't saved “before”, they were saved “in the middle of”; they were right there in that fire and they were saved there because the fourth man shows up and it always is the darkest before the dawning or before a victory.

And the reason is, is because if the enemy can pile enough persecution, he can pile enough weight, he can pile enough hopelessness, he can pile enough darkness on you, you won't get that victory because you will end up giving up and quitting. And your guy's life is such a great example to not only everybody in Canada, people here in the United States of America, who are obviously not fighting because they're worried about their, you know, how big their churches are or whatever…. And then you have people all over the world. They need people as an example to say, you know what, just like we talked about earlier, if Artur can do it, I'm going to do it! I'm going to stand up!

If God showed up for him, he's going to show up for me. And it gives people that, that justice and that righteous indignation to stand up, and stand true for the word of God and that he is faithful to perform his word and he's faithful to show up. It is not easy! It's not, but you know what? God's saying, In the time of the uneasy or uncomfortable or the darkness or the great persecution, there's always something so much greater on the other side of it.

And that's where we're going to be at. I know that I know that we're not going to be here all that long, that persecution and all this kind of stuff that we're seeing is not going to stay that way. The enemy never gets what he wants and he didn't get what he wants with you and he's not going to get what he wanted in these countries.

I’m telling ya, there is a Great Awakening! He said it has started, and it's now going to intensify. And so I, I really, I really hope to God that people are inspired today by your story and not only by your story, but hearing the word of God, seeing what he said, seeing it come to pass…. Again, just like Artur said, it's not about, you know, it's not about, well, my reputation.

I don't care about my reputation. I care about God's, I care about what people are doing and if they're still facing and they're turning to him in the midst of their darkness, that's what I care about. I care about if they are still going to stand and believe him, I care about him. And so when all these prophetic words come, some people say prophetic words, they sound crazy because they're never going to line up with what's going on in the world today because he's a supernatural God.

And so when you said that, that, that resonated with me. Because I don't care about me. I cared about him. I cared about what he says and what he's going to do because I don't want people turning away from him. I want more people turning to him right now.

— Yeah. And it's a perfect example. When Nebuchadnezzar saw what happened with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, he became this bloody king. History is teaching us that he was one of the worst bloody kings. You know, he became the biggest evangelist of all time. I mean, this king makes a decree and says, “If anyone criticizes even the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, I'm going to chop him to pieces.” I mean, how about that for a law? You know, it's kind of fascinating, but I want to tell you that many years ago he spoke to me and he said that I came with love, mercy and grace and I shared that the last time, but I think it's important to hear it again. I came with mercy, grace and love, but they have rejected me, but I will have My revival, but they will come through the fire. And he calls His revival, MY revival, he says, this is HIS revival because we got to remember that Jesus came for souls and he suffered for souls and he died for souls.

He rose from the grave for souls. It's all about souls. The kingdom of God is all about souls, about people, and he said it will come through the fire when he said that I knew difficult times are coming for the Western civilization. I knew. The people are going to be hurting. But out of that hurt, out of that fire, the greatest testimony is going to be unfolded ever.

I believe we're about to see a global Revival, a global awakening. Why do I believe it's going to be global? Because Satan attacked us globally. It's not just a regional attack. Like when we grew up under the boots of the Soviets behind the Iron Curtain, it was a regional demonic attack, right? You guys were free.

We were slaves. Now they want to enslave the entire globe. Everyone. So the attack is global. The politicians have sold their souls to the devil. I mean, almost every one of them. I would say 99 percent of politicians globally have sold themselves to Satan himself for whatever, either blackmail or bribery or both, whatever.

Whatever why they're doing this, I do not know. So, because it was done globally, I believe that Awakening, Revival, whatever you want to call it, the Harvest, the Last Harvest, as I call it, it's going to be global. And watch, because I believe that we have never seen something like this before. The attack on our lives was severe, brutal, the terrorizing of the people was like a blanket of fear and terror.

But now I believe that God is going to blanket the entire world with courage, with boldness. With love, with his kingdom and with, with his word, and that is going to bring a revival that we have never seen before.

— Amen. I agree with that. I, a hundred percent. He said a Great Awakening and, and, and when we were praying one day and we even prayed “radical Jesus revolution.”

Because no matter what the revolution Jesus revolution was back in the seventies, God is bringing it so far greater. And like you said, it is globally because he is saving this earth from what the enemy was trying to do with fear, oppression and bondage like never before. God is a great God. And with this revival, there's gonna be so many people coming into the kingdom of God and God needs true leaders.

Just like you said, that will face the fire and not back off and not quit. And I just, again, I just thank each and every one of you that have watched. I thank you both for you for coming on today and for giving this testimony and for giving this encouragement and inspiring so many people to stand up and again, and not to quit and give up.

And so you can go to “” to help Artur and his wife and his entire family with the expenses from all of the court cases that they're going through because this is how the enemy is trying to bring them down financially. And so I want everybody, if they can, please give a love gift to them.

And I know, again, we're going to see each other in about a week and a half, I think now. So I'm looking forward to Miami even more now. Than I was before. So we will be at the Reawaken America Tour together not this weekend, but next weekend!

— By the way, if you can pray for that that I'll have no problem with my wife and Nathaniel is coming as well to cross the border.

So if you are prayer warriors, pray for that, that we will have no problems going to United States. And we're going to have a stop in Ohio. I am to testify over there, and then we will see each other in Miami, the Reawaken America Tour with Clay Clark and other amazing patriots, lovers of freedom, lovers of God.

And I'm super excited. The last time I was there. It was two years ago, and upon my arrival from the tour, I was immediately arrested on the tarmac. I've never seen ever anyone being arrested, stepping out of the plane, and it happened to me. And it's still, when I look at the footage, it's like surreal. This is crazy times.

That's how much they're afraid of those that preach the Truth.

— Yes. And so that's not happening again! That's what we're going to keep praying. And yes, we will… I'll have my team on it and anybody else, you guys who are watching right now, and I know there's thousands of watching everywhere. Start praying for his safety for him and his entire family, their safety to get through here because I know God has a lot for you to do in Canada, but he has a lot for you to do here to inspire this nation as well.

So I'm looking forward to seeing you both next, next weekend, the 13th and 14th, I think in Miami at Trump Doral Hotel. So we will see you then God bless each and every one of you and thank you all for joining and thank you. Oh, thank you so Much for being on and I just I love that God has brought us together right now And I will definitely have you guys back on again!

God bless you And I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful Day, and I will see you tomorrow morning at 6:30. Central standard time. God bless you! — God bless you! — Thank you!