Artur and Marzena Pawlowski – We Have Already Won, The Enemy Just Doesn’t Know It Yet! + Captions

Arthur, this name will be in your news.

An outspoken Calgary pastor was arrested. A judge has found Calgary pastor Artur Pawlowski guilty of mischief for his role in protests against COVID-19 public health measures.

Artur Pawlowski, my glory will fill your cell. I'm pouring my peace upon you. My joy will fill your heart. I want you to know, my son, I am here to deliver you from that cell. Justice and victory for my son, Arthur Pawlowski! You are another "Joseph" in this hour. Your life will be changed in one day! One day is all I need, my son!

Artur Pawlowski, I have not forsaken you. You ARE My Joseph, and what is about to happen for you will be like Paul and Silas. What Satan wanted to break you with, I am strengthening you. Your reward is great, my son, for not bowing, and I promise to completely deliver you from that prison cell! You will rise higher, never to be taken prisoner again!

Hello friends, this is Pastor Artur Pawlowski. I'm here with my wife Marzena, and today we just want to thank you so much for all your prayers, for all your support, for standing with us, and of course, for the prophetic words that we received. That's what kept me going, that's what gives me the strength, hope, and faith for another day! Thank you! Every prayer matters! God has our back, and He is going to take us through this.

One day - from prison to the palace - is just like during the times of the heroes of old, during the times of Joseph. Right now, the body of Christ is finally uniting! We have already won - the enemy just doesn't know it yet!