Prophet Julie Green – Live with Julie – Interview With Artur & Marzena Pawlowski + Closed Captions

We've been following what's been going on with what Canada has been doing to you, and God has been a lot to say about it. And I just want your voice to be heard in this country on what's but God has been putting on your heart. Thank you so much, Julie.

Again, I want to start with this. When I was traveling around your amazing country, I mean country with problems but nevertheless an amazing country that God created, I fell in love with America, with the idea, with the dream, with the American dream of you can work hard and you can achieve something and you can leave it to the next generation and you can be free to worship your God. And you know the sky is the limit. And that was the American dream that has been under attack now for like a hundred years, gradually slowly.

So I remember when I was, I think I went to about 40 States. Sometimes I was flying, you know, three planes a day to get to another place. It was phenomenal, it was amazing. Of course, as you remember, I paid dearly for that immediately after I stepped out of the plane coming back home. I was arrested and criminally charged for daring to share my story with the American people.

But we have a deep Supernatural love for America. It's not natural, it's something that is given to you by God, this deep, like we are brothers and sisters, we are family. And that's how I see my friends, my brothers and sisters in the United States. I see, I feel we are one family that God has chosen for such a time as this. So well, thank you so much for all your prayers, for all your support. And I want to just tell you personally, Julie, and I share that with you. When I was released from prison, I had my lows.

People would come to me and they would say, "You're such a hero and this and that." No, actually that's not true. My God is the hero. Without God, I would throw a towel long time ago. And especially when I was locked in solitary confinement, when inmates were given incentives to murder me. And thank God that I was the most popular inmate in this country. Everywhere I went, when I was being transferred in paddy wagons with sheriffs, inmates, prisoners would recognize me immediately. And then they would just bang on the doors and say, "Free Pastor Art, free Pastor Art." I was like a hero in prison, can you imagine? I don't know if that's good or bad, but I was immediately a hero. And of course, guards, well, that's another story.

And so the prisoners would say, "If anything happens to this man, watch your back. If even one hair falls from this man's head." So that was incredible. I led many to the Lord. I probably broke some kind of a record. I had every inmate in my unit, in the entire unit, at my Bible studies and church services because the inmates sent a petition to the director and said, "If you don't release this man from solitary confinement, you're going to have a problem." And then next day, the director releases me. And I was able to minister, pray with people, lead them to the Lord. They were absolutely amazing miracles of bones coming together with broken legs and stuff like this. So God was showing up.

But I want to tell you why am I telling you the story? Because when I had my low moments, when they would keep me there for 25 or 26 hours straight in a box, I was kept in metal cages. I was kept in concrete cells, no water, no washroom. So when I had my lows and I said, "God, this is just too much. I'm just a pastor. I just want to preach the gospel and feed the poor and I want to be left alone." I remember calling my wife when finally they would let me out to make a phone call and take a shower. And I would say, "Marzena, does anyone care what is happening to me? I stood for the people and I'm paying the price for that."

I don't regret, but does anyone care? Is there anyone that actually cares what is happening to me? Because Julie, the worst thing that can happen to us is exactly what this evil cabal wanted to do: isolation, segregation, separation. They're like predators, they isolate you and they pound on you when you're weak.

So, I felt weak and Marzena would say to me, "Don't quit. This story is not about us anymore. This story is a way bigger than we ever imagined. This is about a symbol. This is about standing for what's right. This is about them wanting to break you." They were giving me deals if I would plead guilty to one little thing. "I'm a free man," they would say. They were doing everything in their power. Now it's blackmail, but before it was bribery.

I was offered two million dollars to stop doing what I'm doing. I was offered a government position. I was offered a government job. All kinds of incentives were given to me. And I would say to them, "I'm not for sale because I'm already bought by the precious blood of Jesus. I cannot sell my faith and the people for trinkets, for nothing really. My God owns all the silver, all the gold, all the cattle, all the Thousand Hills. That's not for sale."

So, I remember when I reached a point that, "Oh my God, I don't think I could do this anymore." My wife would play your prophecy and you got no idea what you did. Only you will know that when you see Jesus, and He will reveal it to you. She played it to me, I think 10 times, over and over. And finally, I said, "They're messing with the phone. I can't hear it clearly. Read it to me." And I think my son read it to me, like, twice. And then the next day, I said, "Well, play it again. Just read it again. I need to hear this again. That God cares, that He's there with me, that He hears my cries, that He knows what is happening to me because I stood for Him. I stood for righteousness. I stood for hurting people, as a pastor, as a shepherd. That's my job. That's the definition of my job."

So, I want to thank you for listening to God in a very crucial time for me and for my family. So, I want to thank you for that because it kept me going. Because I always went back to those conversations with my wife, that people care, that they are texting, they're calling, they're sending messages, and they're prophets that receive the word from God. That God has everything under control.

And I think, Julie, if we would realize that in the end of the day, God has everything under control. He's not shaken. The devil didn't shake Him out of His throne. He's still there. He's still the King of Kings. He's still the Lord of Lords. He's still the Alpha and Omega. He's the beginning and the end. He is the giver of life. The devil and those minions, those oppressors, are only alive because God still has a purpose for their life. When you look from that kind of perspective, everything is fine. Because now suddenly, you go back to the basics, which is when I said yes to Jesus, I said no to my flesh, I said no to my ambitions, I said no to my plans, and I said yes to whatever He has in store for my life and for the life of our family.

So, it was a hard time, but those prophecies and the understanding that God is there kept me going for another day. And I remember when they locked me in "Max Spot" - "Max Spot" is for the most dangerous terrorists in a country - and believe it or not, that was considered the most dangerous man in Canada. I was locked by myself in an entire unit. There was no one else. It was like a freak show from The Matrix.

I was just by myself in a locked little cage in an entire unit for hundreds of inmates, but I was just by myself. That guarded by three guards in freezing conditions. When I complained that I can't sleep, I'm freezing, I'm shivering, they laughed and they said that at least I have fresh air. I realized that this might be my departure, that this might be the end of Artur Pawlowski. And I called my wife. I had only 30 minutes a day to call, so I called her and I said, "Well, this might be goodbye because obviously they want to murder me here." And I said, "I don't know what God wants to do, but it's his move now."

The next day, the judge heard about what is happening to me and I was transferred to another crazy place, but at least it was warm. I was taken to a psych ward without the evaluation of the doctors and the knowledge of Alberta Health Services. Completely illegal. But I was able to minister to crazy people, which was a lot more tough than to minister to drug dealers, human traffickers, bank robbers, and murderers in a previous prison. I said, "God, I don't know how to minister to crazy people. I don't have that experience. You gotta help me here." They're jumping up and down, walking in a circle. But within a few days, I had an entire table filled with inmates listening to the Bible stories every morning. Inmates would come to my cell for a blessing. Can you imagine? "Pastor, would you just lay hands on me and bless me for the day?" So I spent 50 days in prison.

Another cool story about that was I was invited by Donald Trump, your rightful president, to Mar-A-Lago to have a coffee with him for my birthday. And guess what? I spent that birthday in a psych ward with people that probably thought maybe they are the "Bonapartes of today" or "Donald Trumps of today." So that was kind of cute. And another thing interesting about the psych ward is that you can't really watch a TV. The good thing is you have the most time outside of your cell in the entire prison system. However, you're locked with interesting people. So here's how we watch TV because there's nothing else to do. Every 10-15 minutes, someone would jump and change a channel. And then we would watch another portion of a different movie. And then 10 minutes later, someone would jump again and change the channel. And then we would watch another movie for about 10 minutes. Being there for a week in that particular place, I did not watch even one movie, but I watched about 30 movies, 10 minutes each. So that was kind of interesting.

So, interesting times for sure. God has our backs, you know, covered. I don't know how the story is going to unfold, but I have been ultimately found guilty on eco-terrorism and inciting mischief, which has 10 years attached to it. The crown prosecutor accused me of causing a Canadian economy over 400 million dollars worth of damages. He compared my sermon, a peaceful sermon, to the truckers during the "Truck Convoy" to Rwanda genocide. He said that my speech, my sermon, was like someone inciting murder on other people. And the judge agreed with him, and I was found guilty on all the charges. I am the first Canadian ever to be found guilty on inciting. I am the first Canadian ever to be charged and now found guilty on eco-terrorism under this defense law and facing over 10 years of imprisonment. My sentencing is September 18th, so in just a little bit more than a week, I have to face the judge and I will know what is going to happen to me. The crown prosecutor, Stephen Johnston, is from a special Prosecutor's unit. He already said that he absolutely wants me back in prison. He's very determined to lock me back in jail for my horrible crime of giving people hope in the middle of this unbelievable attack on our God and state-given rights.

And you should know that in a preamble to Canadian Charter rights and freedoms, the fundamentally guaranteed right, it says, "Whereas Canada acknowledges the supremacy of God and the rule of law..." The "God" has been kicked out. Canada has become hostile to Jesus, a communist socialist fascist hybrid, and there is no rule of law. So anyway, this is just a little bit of an update, and I'll let Marzena talk. And then I want to share three prophecies, short ones, that God gave me for such a time as this. And also a word for America.

So, Julie, it's good to see you. I was hoping that you will come to Las Vegas to the Green Room. Actually, I was waiting for you and you disappeared! Amanda Corey... - ... my son was with us and he was very ill. And so, I had to be a mom at that point. That was the first reawaken. I was never in The Green Room. To come to find out, my son had Mono and I just... we didn't know. So, I didn't like I wasn't around. So, I do apologize because I did want to see you. I saw you and your son briefly. So, I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to you more... - ... so I have no choice, I have to forgive you. But I wanted to add to that, I think the first time we heard of each other and later we met because of him being in prison. I don't know how many messages and emails I received from people, "You have to listen to this prophecy... she was prophesying about Artur... ... it's Julie Green! I'm like, how do you spell that, Julie? Differently green, okay. I never heard about you, and probably you never heard about us, but this is how God united us through that circumstances.

But I wanna go a little bit further, like Artur said, it's supernatural - because it's not possible wherever I go. Either it's the next village or another country, people are saying to me the same sentences exactly. When I saw those three arrests, uh, in when we saw get out the video, then when Artur landed from the United States and he came out of the plane, and then on the highway, something stirred in our hearts. And we are with you, we are united, we are praying. And after the 100th time, I got it, then this is God! ... God uniting the Remnant ... No, we have to understand, during that pandemic, when Satan in our lifetime, it was the biggest attempt to separate us. God is on the throne, God is on the move, and supernaturally he united us, I'm telling you.

So I want to just start with that, that this is what God sent me to the United States, but this is a word for such a time as this. And let me tell you right now, when the second wave is coming, when I was in the states, I was joking then another Corona is coming, but they already know it will come October, November, it's taking the plane and the trading, they know when it's going to arrive. So apparently arrived, but this is what I received: "When one of the twelve called Judas Iscariot went to the chief priest and said 'what are you willing to give me if I deliver him to you?' and they counted out to him 30 pieces of silver. So from that time he sought opportunity to betray him."

You know, this is the word for such a time as this, when the first pandemic came, we sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. I don't know about the U.S, but in Canada, the government paid incentives and lots of money to the churches, and they sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. But look how wicked it is... Judas went and right now he meditated, he planned, he said how much you're going to give me, okay this has happened first time, and right now with the second wave, I hope, I hope that the government will not pay anymore, first time they sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, right now I think it's going to be just another level of persecution, and right now there's a lot of talk about economy, about God is going to repay, and about silver and gold and all of that, but I want to remind everybody, I want to remind you that there are two kinds of silvers, there is silver from the Lord and there is silver from the establishment that pays you to sell Jesus. And right now, it really bothers me when I hear preachers and all those sermons about there's good prosperity but there's bad prosperity, this corrupted prosperity, and I'm thinking everything screams in me and I'm thinking how dare you, you sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver and you talk about the blessing, there's a rope for you not a blessing.

So this is important right now, this is the message for the church, yes, God will repay you in his time, maybe you will never be repaid in a tangible way here on Earth, maybe your reward is in heaven, nevertheless, you do not sell Jesus for 30 pieces of silver with the second wave... if you want to add something to that, yeah.

So about three years, Julie before this big lie happened, um, God spoke to me and he said you're about to witness the greatest separation between the sheep and the goats and the sheep and the wolves... so I started to preach about this, I mean I received a word, so that word first every time God speaks that word is for you first, so when I prepare sermons, whatever I receive, it touches me first and that's why I want to pass it to others because God is dealing with me, He's speaking to me and then I want to share that with the rest of the people.

So I started to teach about sheep, okay how do sheep, why God calls us sheep, um, is this an insult, no sheep are very family-oriented, they love to come together, they love the warmth of each other, they adore each other, they just wanna be with each other, that's sheep and they want to be led by the shepherd and we are to listen to the words of the Great Shepherd! Goats, however, they eat differently and they behave differently and it's very interesting, the goats wanna do whatever they wanna do, there are Little Kings in their own castle, leave me alone, who do you think you are to tell me, I know better, I've read the Bible, blah blah blah, you hear it all, they're goats and then of course you've got the wolves, the wolves are there only for one purpose, to kill and steal and to destroy.

So God said that you're about to see the separation, who is who in the zoo, who is a real Shepherd that is willing to lay down his life for the sheep that God has entrusted that person with and who is just a Hired Gun that is doing this as a good gig and you know Prosperity or an easy life.

I don't know what is motivating those people, but it's just a "job." People don't want to lay down their lives for a job. But if you're a real Shepherd, you will have no problem laying down your life for your King, for the people that God has given you.

So, about six months before the big lie happened, I had a vision. I don't get many visions, but when I do, they really touch me and change me. Here's what I saw, Julie. I saw a fence, and I could not see the end of that fence. I knew right away that the fence represents the entire world. I saw people sitting on the fence, and there was a multitude of people. I could not see the end of it. I saw two powerful hands that grabbed that fence and started to shake it violently. I knew that those hands belonged to God, and He kept shaking and shaking and shaking. Then, I saw people falling to the left and to the right, to the left and to the right, to the left and to the right. He did not stop shaking. When He was done, He spoke to me and said, "When I'm done shaking, everyone will have to choose either me or the devil."

Some time ago, He spoke to me and said, "I came with mercy, love, and grace, but they have rejected it. So now I'm going to have my Revival, but it will come through the fire." I want people to know He calls it "His Revival." This is HIS movement, those are HIS children that He wants. If we do not align ourselves with His plans, we will suffer. We will go through the fire. Immediately when He said "through the fire," I knew that difficulties are coming. I believe truly we are in the middle of judgment. The Judgment starts in the house of the Lord, and the church has been judged. After the Judgment, the wrath of God is coming, and I truly believe that we are heading there. I don't know when, but I believe we're heading towards the wrath of God.

Here is the word for America: when I received this word, I believed it was valid then, and it is even more valid today. I was in a plane during the time when everyone was locked, and no one was allowed to leave Canada. God spoke to me in prison. I was arrested 16 times and spent time in jail before for feeding the poor and preaching the gospel. When I refused to shut down the church, they arrested me and my brother David in the middle of the highway. Anti-terrorists arrested us, so we spent three days and two nights on concrete. On the third day, God spoke to me and said, "I want you to go to America and share and warn them what's coming."

I said, "But God, how? The country is locked! No one is allowed to leave the country, period. I don't have special papers."

But you know the Lord, if He tells you to do something, it doesn't make any sense, but you go and do it. So, believe it or not, I bought tickets. Where I'm jobed, of course, I don't have the Nazi papers, so my son as well. But we went to the airport, bought tickets, no one there, absolutely no one. It's like a ghost town. While we went through the procedures, bought the tickets, the luggage, the whole nine yards, we faced an American Guard, the custom guard, the Border Patrol. He was smiling at me, recognized me, I think. He was just talking casually, asking about my story and what I was doing. So, I shared with Nathaniel about his birth and the challenges he faced. The doctor said he wouldn't survive, but he did.

After this long conversation, the guard kept smiling and then he said, "Voila!" and allowed us to enter when no one was allowed to enter. They checked our status, and we flew. So, I'm in an empty plane with my son and God. I asked God, "What do you want me to tell Americans? I'll share my story, my testimony, and I'll warn them. But tell me specifically what you want me to tell them."

Here's what He said: "Tell this great American Eagle that it's time for that Eagle to rise up once again. Stop flapping its wings. First of all, He's calling you the Great American Eagle. That means you're a powerhouse, you have the ability to do what He wants you to do. Then, He says, 'Rise up once again.' That means you've done it before, and He wants you to do it again. Flapping wings means don't just sit under a tree like a Buddha, but be like Jesus. Jesus was a 'goer.' Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation, set the captives free, feed the poor. Be a doer, not just a talker. Do something."

So, here is the word for America: rise up, stand up, and come to the rescue. You've done it before, and God is telling you it's time to do it again. Enough of talking. Now is the time for action. And of course, I'm not talking about violence whatsoever. I'm talking about a solidarity-style movement that took down the biggest empire during that time.

Those are the few things that God put on my heart today. I don't know what is going to happen to me on September 18th. I know that it's a very specific timeline in God's calendar. We are in the Feast of Trumpets during that time, and we're going to move into the new year. These are the most powerful feasts on the calendar, very important. It's a Year of Jubilee that is going to be ending. We're both 50 years, and I spent 50 days in prison. Just like Bo Polny says, we do not believe in coincidences. We know that God's timeline is perfect, and no one can make this stuff up.

The way it's going to be unfolding, I do not know how and what, but I know that God will have His final say in this whole mess. I was charged 340 times, had 120 court cases, and 16 arrests. All of them for being a pastor in a country that I came to for freedom. I grew up behind the iron under the boots, so we all grew up there at the same time, under the boots of the Soviets. We escaped that hell and came through difficulties. We had to spend years in Greece. I escaped on a boat with my family through Turkey, Istanbul, then Athens, Greece. Eventually, five years later, we landed in Canada for freedom. Look at what is happening to our beloved country.

The gallows are built, Julie, and I want to ask the people watching this to please pray. When I was locked there in hell, I felt the prayers. The prayers were lifting me up every day. Every day, the enemy was pounding on me, and every day, God was elevating and building me up through the prayers. I felt them. I felt the power of those prayers.

The gallows are built, the Hamans are rejoicing. They already have a plan. The furnace is hotter than ever. They're telling me I'm on house arrest for a year and a half. That's why I was not able to come to America because I'm still a prisoner since I was released from prison.

I think I'm the first and the only clergy in this country that has been on house arrest ever, and besides, you know, a year and a half now. I have to have a written permission to leave my house after 7 pm and go with kids somewhere. It's crazy, um.

So Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were told simply bow because there is no one that can rescue you from my hands, Nebuchadnezzar said. And I think the moment he said that, he challenged the Living God. Who is going to rescue you from my hands? I'm the big Nebuchadnezzar, I'm the king of kings. And I think God took the challenge.

And remember when they threw them, they bound them and they threw them in the fiery furnace. God dealt with their enemies first. Those that threw them died first and then they were set free. Where not outside of the furnace, they were set free inside the fire... Jesus shows up in the fire. And when I ask people how many of you would like to see Jesus face to face, pretty much everyone raises their hands. While, uh, He shows up in a fire. Who wants to go to the fire? And in the fire, He sets them free. In a fire, they have an encounter with the Living God. In the fire, they have a global testimony. And in the fire is their promotion. In the fire, not outside of the fire, in the fire.

And Nebuchadnezzar, this wicked King at that time, his historians are saying that Nebuchadnezzar was one of the bloodiest kings ever lived. He was not a good man before, but you know, Nebuchadnezzar, the very one that sent them to the fire, has become the greatest evangelist of all times because after he saw the miracle, he said, "Who is God like God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego that can rescue in such an amazing powerful way? Anyone that speaks evil about this God, I'll chop him to pieces." So you know, a different way of evangelizing, but I take whatever God gives, right?

Um, so the fire is intense. The gallows, I can see it. The crown prosecutor wants prison, is very unhappy that I'm talking about this everywhere. And he sent letters to my lawyers saying that tell your client to shut up. And I just say no. I have been called to speak. I have been called to testify. And I don't work for the devil. I don't obey the devil. God called me to set the captives free. And how do you set the captives free? By the truth. The truth, the words. Did God really say that? Yes, He did. This is the word of God.

So, um, I just wanted to add that the prosecutor is using words and says to our lawyer, "Artur is unrepentant... unrepentant! Can you imagine, unrepentant?" But really, really, like Artur said, they challenged God. But God is using people. God is using us. And I know you have a big following. I just wanted to use that opportunity because people are asking, they are asking me over and over again, "How are you doing with all of that?" I would lie if I would say this is beautiful and all that, no, it's hard. But God gives us strength. And I have this overwhelming revelation that this is war between God and evil. Of course, God doesn't go, no, God wins. God would just sneeze and we would disappear. But He's using people. And right now, right now, I just wanted to say that whatever happens, it is well with my soul. If he ends up in some days or a year in prison, it is well with my soul. Why? Because I have this trust that God that we serve allowed this for a reason. Allowed this for a reason because from the beginning of our story, the persecution and our stubbornness not to give an inch to Satan was to elevate God. And right now, in Canada, let me tell you, the whole judicial system, the justice, and the law is built on the foundation of God. It's built on the Ten Commandments. And right now, right now, they outlaw Ten Commandments. It's not enough that they legalize everything that is against Ten Commandments. More, they, this, it's not enough. We are not allowed to even talk that this is wrong. So this is where Canada is. We are not allowed. If you dare to raise your voice against immorality, you can go up to five years to prison. They passed the law. You call how you call that? Yeah, the conversion therapy. You're not allowed to criticize. You're not allowed to help people in need. Believe it or not, there are laws in Canada that giving free goods and services is prohibited by law. So you're not allowed to feed the poor. They confiscated my Bibles. Police officers never return them for illegal distribution, as they call it, of printed material. Bibles and gospel tracts. So this is Canada of today, or I should call it China because we're truly living behind the Iron Curtain once again... !

But we see, we see the countries when they did that. They did that in North Korea, China, and we see that Christians over there are truly killed. And this is our wake-up call. We do not agree to become China, even though I can say that, but we became China, but a little bit different version. People were so long asleep. They didn't recognize that our rights are gone long time ago. And they, and but, but this evil never stops. Satan never stops. As Artur says, many times cancer grows until you cut it out. God is using us right now to bring to the light what is really happening because if you think about the even, even his, he, the whole Court situation, the only thing they had, no witnesses, nothing. It was his sermon: "Oh How Low O Canada," only his sermon. And right now, the prosecutor would say, "You are unrepentant!" I'm not the kind of woman I would be afraid to speak judgments and what would happen to this man, but do not touch God's anointed. That's the word of God. That's the word of God.

And I was thinking, you know, our weapon, because they send us undercover and they want to see if we maybe build something, some Army secret army. No, our weapon is power of forgiveness. So we forgive our persecutors. We even bless them. But that doesn't mean that there are no consequences for them. There is hope always. There is hope. There is Apostle Paul, the greatest persecutor of them all, and he became the greatest Apostle. So there is, there is hope for Mr. Johnston. But nevertheless, nevertheless, I would tell him, "You repent - or else with God."

I will say, you know, God has been saying that He will have the final say. He's, He actually gave me a prophetic word that I gave out today about Him having the final say. And so when you were talking about Haman and how they built the gallows, the wonderful story about part about that is that Haman never got what he wanted. He built the gallows to kill Mordecai, to make an example of Mordecai because Mordecai dared to stand up and he dared not to bow, and he refused to give in. And so it made Haman so angry because how dare a Jewish man not bow to him, how dare a Jewish man not submit to his power and authority. And because Haman didn't do that, and of course at the same time he's using Esther, but when Haman didn't, when he refused to back off and he went to do what he was doing, the hand, the gallows that he built for Mordecai was actually the gallows that he himself was hung on. And so God has told me in several different prophetic words that these are the days of Haman.

Every single thing the enemies of Almighty God are doing to my people, He said are being actually done unto the enemies of Almighty God. And so, I wanted to give you hope that no matter what the enemies are trying to do to you, they will not succeed. They will not succeed.

There's one of the words that the Lord gave, one of the last words that He gave me, that had your name in it. It was February 12th of 2022. He said, "There will be justice and victory for my son, Artur Pawlowski, because they used him as an example. Listen, my son, I am exposing their dirty plots against you and vindicating your name! You are another Joseph in this hour. Your life will be changed in one day, and one day is all I need, my son!" And He said, "You will rise higher, never to be taken prisoner again! All who imprisoned you will fall and be imprisoned themselves. Some will die by the angel of death.... You are being vindicated now, my son; hold your ground! The Great I Am is coming to deliver you!"

And this is what I want to say, is that you ARE an example that they're trying to use because there is an awakening growing in your nation! There's a desire for Jesus Christ in your nation! Their desire to stand up and have their freedoms that Jesus has died for back in the nation of Canada and YOU are bringing that revival; and that is what's scaring the gates of hell. It's because you are taking that territory; you are doing that assignment. You can't be bought, you can't be paid off and they know it, and that's why they're trying to intimidate you. That's why they're trying to bring you that fear, that's why they're trying to try to bring you down as far and as low as they possibly can bring you.

But I have to tell them this: that Jesus is the way and that He is the Greater One and that He lives on the inside of you and nothing your enemies are doing will prosper against you no matter what it looks like right now, no matter how bad it is, it may seem God is the judge over all the Earth, He is the judge over all of the Earth and that judge will have the final say in your case and this is what I've been telling people, this is how we've been praying, we've been blowing the shofar, we are calling the enemy, we're calling them out, we are not allowing them and whatever they're doing to stand and so we are standing for justice, we're standing for the freedom that Jesus has already bought and He died and He paid for for you and so this is not the end and the enemies, it is for the enemies of Almighty God, but it's not the end for you and God wants to really reiterate that is that this is not the end for you, you are not going to go down the way your enemies want you to go down and these words need to ring clear and to get down into your heart. What your enemies desire out of you, they will not get. What they desire, it will be God's way and just like He came for Paul and Silas and just like He came for Joseph and He called you His Joseph.... What the enemies wanted to do against Joseph, what they wanted against um Paul and Silas, they didn't get what they wanted and God is saying they're not going to get what they want with you. Remember and keep calling in justice because God is justice and He's serving justice in your case. And He wanted you to know that. Amen! Amen!

It's um, it's quite interesting that when you are surrounded by the hyenas and God has given me, you know, we started a work in Africa many years ago and um, we had the privilege to go there and I have observed the nature over there, the hunting of the lions and it's kind of fascinating because God speaks to me when I observe the nature. And one day, we saw those lions coming and I'm telling you, it was a fascinating moment because I realized that when the lions show up, even the monkeys and the birds stop talking. Everyone notices that the King has arrived, that their rightful owners, if you will, showed up. And I think that's why they hate Donald Trump so much because he reminds me of that moment that I observed in a savannah where the lions appeared and everything, absolutely everything around took notice. Like the heavens and the Earth noticed that something powerful showed up.

And um, God is very clear that He doesn't want His lions and His lionesses to make pacts with hyenas, to bow before the hyenas, to make deals, to be scared of hyenas. Our job is to come, to show up, and to bring the authority of the kingdom of God wherever we go. And I think that's what the devil is after. All this, I'm telling you, for about eight months, they were sending people to my home with bribery. I was offered money, position. I was offered a guaranteed seat in the legislature. I could be a politician right now with a seat in the legislature. They offered me that if I keep my mouth shut, if I will cross the floor, if I will abandon the people that I am fighting for. I cannot do that. That's not the reason that God raised me up... The reason He raised me up is to be a defender of those that have no voice, of those that are hurting.

And then now, for the past few months, Julie, the only thing I get is coercion and blackmail. I was contacted by very powerful, scary people, like really scary people, that they said if I don't keep my mouth shut and if I don't give them a hundred thousand dollars, to them, and fifty thousand dollars to a charity of their choice, if I will not withdraw myself from the public sphere, then the judge is bought and paid for, and he was ordered to lock me back in prison if I don't obey. So, that was going on for about two months, and finally, they realized I'm not bowing because I can't!

You know, God gave me another vision, so I'll share it with you: many years ago, when I was facing some other arrests for feeding the poor and another courts, and I was tired, I was spent, I was ready to throw in the towel, and I had no friends, no church, no money. I didn't know how to fight those people. I had God, and God spoke to me, and He gave me a vision. And I saw Elijah in a cave. I actually saw him with my own eyes, and he was terrified, he was scared, he was running from Jezebel, and he was done. That said, God, just killed me and pick me up. It was a pitiful-looking man, actually. It was sad. And he spoke to me, he said, and I think this is a word for those that are listening, listen carefully. Here is what he said: "When you start running, you will be running for the rest of your life, and I will not be able to use you. I'll have to replace you with another."

I have never, ever in my life felt more fear in my very soul, spirit, mind, heart, body than during that moment when he said, "I'll have to replace you with another." There is nothing worse, Julie, than to miss God's destiny in your life. There is nothing worse! Every man, every woman that has ever been born and will be born, and it's now here, has a destiny in God, and we can miss it. We can miss it because we are not willing to pay the price. We can miss it because we are not interested in the kingdom of God.

We can miss it because of stupidity, all kinds of different things. But I'm telling you, there is a destiny for you. Do not miss it. And here is what I said to God, a fear I've never ever felt more fear than during that moment that God will replace me with another because I'm just too weak of a man, not willing to suffer for his kingdom. And I prayed, "God, fine! Please do not replace me with another, but give me the strength, the courage, and the strength to just keep going!" ... and He did and He did so.

The gallows is big and the fire is hot, but we have to always go back to God. The enemy, we already know what they want for us, but we have to go back, just like you said, to God, what he wants, what his plans are for us!

You know, I think the most important words for this season is his righteousness and his justice. And we say this in our prayer, "God, bring your righteousness, God, bring your justice." But this is serious. When I believe that supernaturally, his righteousness came down and right now enough is enough, that one drop in a bucket of iniquities and everything and the bowl is overflowing, and we reach that point and pay attention. Because you some people can miss it, what happened, nothing happened.

So when Jesus was born, only a handful of people noticed because they looked for the signs. And let me tell you, somehow, for those who can read the signs, His Supernatural Righteousness and Justice came down. And now I'm excited to see the fruit of that. We're going to see things that we never saw before, and I'm already seeing the future that we see it and we say with tears with each other another interview, hallelujah and amen because God is going to show his righteousness. How dare in the court system they call themselves Justice, you know?

From Las Vegas, we flew with Nathaniel to Washington DC, and for the first time for me, for Nathaniel was second, I saw The Monuments. And let me tell you, the idea, as Artur said, of United States, it's great, but it's only the idea. The reality is long ago, but the roots and the foundation stands. And right now, His Justice and His Righteousness came down, came down supernaturally because I believe that the Remnant is very alive and on.

I can do only so much. I can jump in a river with this trust that my God is going to catch me down. So this is the I'm excited because I'm worthy. I'm worthy. We've been called, we've been born for such a time as this. Julie, when they were in 1973, when they were legalizing abortion, we were born. There's double anointing in this house. And when you follow the prophets, when you follow what Bob Jones said, in 1973 Dave Wilkerson said, Bob Jones said with his young voice, very old prophecy, he said that the children that were born when they were legalizing abortion, the children of 1973, they will go to their highways and byways for this last Harvest of souls. They will be called the deliverers, yes.

So this is, we are just two Flesh and Blood weak people, but with God's anointing, we move mountains. And I'm not saying I'm more righteous than other, but God gave us the strength, the strength. This is not about a video, this is our story. 20 years ago, when the first choice of corruption comes, do I sell my Jesus? No. Let me tell you, we were still. It was about 25 years ago, we were in our Polish little church, and the presbyter of that denomination visited us and he read the government papers when it said if you preach about those topics, you're going to lose your charitable status, which is in United States something else you call that differently if you preach about abortion, homosexuality, and divorce. Yes, you're going to lose your charitable status. And Pastor said, "No, we cannot do it." That was 25 years ago. And when God called us for full-time Ministry, we lost our charitable status because we were preaching about those things. So when I say do not sell Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, I know what I'm talking about.

So a church compromise a long time ago. Long time ago, we were on a leash, and that's why when the muzzle came, we gladly took it. But we were on a leash for a long time. My prayer is that I hope that we're going to lose charitable status in Canada because that's delish money. It's delish. We sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. But let me tell you, God has always Remnant, always. Even if it was one Noah's family, go through entire history of humankind, God has his Remnant. And right now, and right now, I have this ability always to look at the, for example, when Artur was in jail, it would be nice to have 10,000 people in front of jail protesting. We had 50, we had sometimes a hundred, a hundred fifty. And I say praise God for Remnant. And whoever came, of course, if 10,000 people come, that would send a message. But you see, I know that God has a Remnant. God has his prophets, his Apostles, his people that will stand and will make a way, make a way like Icebreaker. And that's why there is such a heavy hand against us because they know that we set an example and others are watching, watching. And I say, wait a minute, this little Pastor could do it, we can do it because iron sharpens iron. Yes, because I know the time is...

Yeah, so you want to say something?

I want to say really, really fast is that you are at that like Red Sea moment. And even when it looks like it's all coming barreling down on you, remember there was the God who, when there any when God's people were trapped and the enemy was one way and they had mountains on the other side and the water right there, there was no way out. But God, He was their way out. He was that way when they didn't seek, they couldn't see it. They didn't know what they were going to do. And God said, "I'm just gonna show up." This is like the Red Sea moment. God is saying, even though you can't see it, no matter what it looks like and the enemy is barreling down on you and they keep pursuing you and there's no way of escape, it looks like. God is saying that he is having that Red Sea-like moment and this is going, I'm telling you, God is going to show up in Canada. He's going to show up for you and all hope is not lost. And you are not gonna have what the enemies want you to have. You're not going to go through this embarrassment and you're not going to go through all these things. They're not going to be destroyed. God is saying, I am raising you up for such a time as this. There is an Awakening. God is saving Canada. He said he is bringing down your government and Trudeau and everybody along with them, just like what's happening in our country. God is saying it's going to happen in Canada. And I'm telling you, this is not the end because God is the End and He is that Great I Am and He shows up in this impossible-looking situation. And I just had to say that, so go ahead, sorry...

Amen. You know, I think, you know, we, I, I, you know, unless you're okay with it, I think that Marzena should share what happened to our house just a few weeks ago because two different prophets, and I'm very busy just like you, you probably don't have time to watch all the videos people send to you and like it's impossible. We're very busy. We are still on the streets feeding thousands of people every single week. I Pastor another church where we teach theology in history. We have meetings six times a week. And then of course, also, we're fighting for our very life. Nathaniel is in big trouble. There are warrants for his arrest. We had to hire another legal team to fight for him. So now we have three legal teams. We already spend over one million dollars fighting this unbelievably wicked establishment.

So, we've had a week where we were very busy. But from time to time, you know how God operates, something shows up and then you got your attention. You're busy, but God got your attention. And so, I, anyway, I listened to this prophet, this man, and he's talking about a sign that God is going to give you a sign. And I was like, okay, I feel that this word is for me in a weird way. I don't even know this man, I have no idea who he is. And I want Marzena to share it because I am already in bed. Marzena is doing something else. And then suddenly, you know, don't you love those words, suddenly something happens? So, it's like with guns, nothing, nothing, nothing, and then suddenly it's like, what was that, right? So share that...

So, I know one hour is almost up. I will say that very quickly. It's okay. It was still, it was still, it was late afternoon, but still the sun is high. We are all in a house and suddenly this thunder strikes our house that the whole house shook! In Poland, we have some heavy, heavy thunders, but I never felt something like this. You could hear the windows, you could hear the doors. The whole foundation of the house shook in such an unbelievable way that I truly thought that we are being attacked by some kind of a nuclear blast. Yes, it was, and the noise is like Moses and the Israelites at the mountain when he spoke. It was like... This thunderous, the thunderous voice. And I knew that. I knew that. Let me tell you, the glasses, everything was like it was like shaking. And then, and then that voice, that deep like, oh, and I thought, probably this is how God sounds. And I looked outside, all around our house, the sky was blue except this cloud over our house. And this could be rain, so where is the cloud? There is a thunder. It means it proved was above our house. And that happened, that happened, oh, I have notes, but that happened, I think, on July, July 30th. July 30th. And then, next day, this video popped up in Artur's phone. And he said, "You have to listen to this because, you know, you have a feeling this was supernatural. That was not, not, but you're not sure." And this Pastor Tim Sheets, he's reading in his church a prophecy that he delivered, but he's reading that on July 30th. And the thunder hit our house on July 30th. So, because he says, you know, "I feel this is a day I should remind you that on June 4th, him in Ohio and Pastor Hank Kunneman in Omaha, Nebraska, the same Sunday morning, they delivered exactly the same word about thunderous voice and all of that." And I'm going to read what Pastor Hank said that day. I was like, "Wow! Wow!" Again, you can't make this stuff up! You cannot make this stuff up...

Because, because Julie, remember, I am still a prisoner of the state. I'm not a free man. Since I was arrested for my sermon to The Truckers, spent 50 days in prison, and I was released into a house arrest which I am still under... So, Hank Kunneman said, "Listen, I will give you a sign for you will hear my voice. And it will be in a sound of thunder that will shake your windows and shake your very ground beneath you. And they will say, 'What is this? What did we say? What is this with that thunderous noise that is coming from the skies?' God says, 'Listen to me, for you are about to see justice and righteousness that just not affect those of you on Earth, but that which has been in the heavenlies. And now the strongholds are falling.'" So, this is just confirmation. And then, few days later, I listen, I listen to you, Julie, and you said something in that account as well. You said his justice and righteousness. I don't want to make up, but you said something about justice and righteousness that was significant and was in the same line. I'm excited. I'm excited. How crazy is that? Of course, it's weird. Our life is weird. Because the fact that we trust God doesn't mean that I believe blindly that the persecution won't happen to us. So, I have this list for my husband, do this, do that because you may go to jail. That's the reality. But I know that I know that my God said, and out of all the thousands of houses in Canada and in Calgary, his thunder's voice came to our house as a sign that his righteousness came down. So, Mr. Johnston that you don't like, you don't like us to be vocal. I'm telling you, we are serving God and his justice and righteousness came down, and we shall prevail! Amen! Amen!

And where it says in the Bible, in Psalm 75 verse 7, that He is the judge over all the Earth. He puts down one and brings up another. God is the final say. He is the judge. It doesn't matter how many corrupt judges. He has said this in a word he's given to me more than once. It doesn't matter how many corrupt judges and what they try to say and do. God is the God who will have the final say. He is the one who will judge. He's the one who will bring justice. And so even when we are looking and we're seeing all this injustice in YOUR land, we're seeing all this injustice in OUR land... God is saying, "Listen, don't give up on Me Who is Justice!" And that's what we have to remember. And before I pray, there is something in the chat that people want to know. And they want to know where they can help give to your legal fees. I mean, people are right now wanting to give to you and they want to help you. So, where is that? Where they can actually help give to you during this time that you're in right now?

Yeah, the easiest way to go is to the website, street like a road. And there are all kinds of ways that people can donate. Everything goes to one place, and then we decide where the money goes to, which legal department. I mean, again, we have three legal teams fighting for our family. And it's not just me under the gun. They arrested My Brother David 11 times with me. And now they're after my boy, oldest son, Nathaniel, that delivered that unbelievable speech in front of the European Parliament that was watched by tens of millions of people. So, they're coming with a vengeance. They don't like that we're exposing this corruption, and they want to shut us up... So,, there's a PayPal still there. There are all kinds of different ways people can send a check. In Canada, we have e-transfers, so for those that are here, that's the easiest way to do it. There are no other fees. So, I want to thank everyone that wants to help us. Like I said so many times, think of us from a freedom point of view, like a shield. We're willing to suffer and fight.

We are in the trenches, shooting bullets against the Nazis, if you will, of our time. My brother David says you need to provide us with bullets because how can we keep shooting if the resources are not there? Um, also, remember history repeats itself, there's nothing new under the sun. God says, and we are like a shield between the villains and you. And history is not Pastor Artur Pawlowski... HISTORY is teaching us that when the shields are removed, they will come after you. So, it's in your best interest to make sure that people like us survive, that people like Donald Trump survive, people like Clay Clark or Julie Green or others that are that shield between the wicked evil and you. That we survived this. Why? Because the moment they will be able to take us down, they will come after you. Evil never stops. Evil is like a cancer that will keep spreading, taking, killing, stealing, and raping. It has to be cut out.

So, thank you so much for all of your support and for all your prayers. Like I said before, this is not one man's job, this is not one family that is able to do this, this is the body of Christ. And when one suffers, we all suffer. So, this is a time I believe in history that God is testing us, that you know, are we real? Do we truly believe what we preach? When one suffers, the whole body suffers.

So, thank you for all of your support. We'll keep plowing, we'll keep fighting. And I'm telling you, my sentencing is September 18, but I'll tell you what I will do. I will arrive at the court steps at 8:30 in the morning, and at 9 sharp, we are starting a church service at the courthouse. And we have done it every single time, so this is not a new thing. We have done many church services every time they drag me to court, we do a church service right there with a huge cross, with worship, with preaching, with prayer, with the Lord's supper, with anointing with oil the ground. So, that's what we're going to do again. So, we're not stopping, we're not taking any breaks, we're not bowing before the hyenas, we're facing them head-on collision.

And I believe that this is a time, this is the time of David. That David would never become a king if he was not willing to tackle The Lion and the bear. David would never become a king if he was not willing to fight with the giant of a man, with the mountain of a man called Goliath. And I think that what David saw, what they didn't see, what Nathan didn't see, what Saul and Joab and all the Israelites dressed for battle didn't see, David saw an opportunity. He saw his Destiny. David's Destiny was on the other side of that man, and in order for David to reach the destiny, he just had to remove a Target that was too big to miss. And he grabs the stones, not for him, but for his brothers as well. And he RUNS...

You see, imagine if the church understood the concept. He runs towards Goliath, he runs towards this mountain because he knows that on the other side of that mountain lays his Destiny. So instead of running away from the Giants, we should run towards the Giants, the sooner the better, take them out. And not just them, but their friends as well, so we can become what God wants us to become.

--- Amen, and there's a scripture that the Lord wanted me to share with you for you to hold on to right now. It's Hebrews 10:30. Hebrews 10:30, and this is that classic Amplified version. It says, "For we know him who said, 'Vengeance is mine. Retribution and the meting out of full Justice rests with me. I will repay. I will exact the compensation,' says the Lord. And again, the Lord will judge and determine and solve and settle the cause and the cases of his people."

And that's a scripture to hold on to because he says vengeance is his, but he also says retribution in the full justice rests with me because full justice does rest with God. And we don't bow, we won't burn. So God is with us when we take a stand and we dare to have faith and we dare to say, "I won't comply to this lie. I won't kneel down. I won't submit." There is persecution, but with persecution comes promotion. And that's what's coming, promotion is coming. There is something that God is showing and he's saying, despite all that persecution, he's bringing his promotion. And what he has entrusted with you now, even greater things are about to come. Jail is not the end for you, it's not, and it won't be because God will have the final say. As long as you stand and believe that he has the final say and believe that his justice will be served, not the justice of your land, that God's justice will be served. And that's how we're praying.

And I want to pray over both of you for God's peace, but God's glory. So Heavenly Father, right now, by the blood of Jesus and by the authority of that name, that name is above every name, Father God, I know that the name of Jesus Christ is above every principality, every ruler, and every darkness of this world. And we are pulling down the strongholds of Canada. We are pulling down every single one in that justice system, every single one in that government, every single one, Father God, because you said, "Touch not my anointing and do my prophets no harm." So Father God, as we lift up Artur and his wife, his entire family to you, every person in their family, every person that dares to stand with them, we thank you that you are the one who gives justice. So we thank you, Father God, that your justice is served and your justice has the final say. And it also says in your word, "No weapon formed against us shall prosper." So no weapon formed against Artur, his wife, his entire family, his church, no matter what in Canada, no weapon formed against them shall prosper by the blood and by the name of Jesus.

Heavenly Father, I thank you that your glory is filling them, strengthening their hearts, giving them the right things to say and the right things to do, and the boldness, Father God, through you. When they face that judge or they face that prosecutor, Father God, you are with them. Let Canada know that you, the Great I Am, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is on the side of this family. Lord, I praise you and I thank you. This revival that you have started in the nation of Canada, it will not be burned out, it will not be stopped. But I thank you that everything that Satan meant for harm, you are turning it into something good. And we thank you for freedom in Canada in the name of Jesus. And Father God, we thank you that you will have your way. You said, Father God, that your justice, that your justice, that your justice, no man can stop. That your justice, no man can stop. So as I plead the blood of Jesus over each and every one of them, Father God, I thank you that your justice cannot be stopped. We thank you and we praise you for your love and for your light to shine greater than all of this darkness in Jesus' mighty name. And I thank you, Father God, that you are with them. I thank you, Father God, that they are rising above it all. And just like with David and just like with Ziklag when he came home and there was nothing left, he said, "Lord, what do you want me to do?" Because he encouraged himself in you. You said, "Pursue, overtake, and recover all." And that is the word for today, pursue and overtake and recover all that has been done to you. And we thank you, Father God, that your will is being done and not man and not our adversaries. And we thank you for it in Jesus' name! Amen. Yeah, Amen.