Prophetic Words from Julie Green Concerning Prince Charles

Prophetic Compilation PDF Linked Below

The PDF text contains several prophetic messages heard by Prophet Julie Green, received from God during 2021 through 2023, warning about the Royal Family. Prince Charles is the main target and is accused [by The One Who Knows] of conspiring with the globalists and one-world government leaders to destroy the United States, among other things. The messages claim that Prince Charles will be exposed for his dirty deals and heinous crimes, including those concerning the death of Princess Diana. The Queen's sudden death will also be revealed as a planned murder.

According to the messages, Prince Charles wanted to get rid of the Queen to take power immediately, but his options were running out, and he was losing his grip on the power he desired. His desperation was growing, and he was willing to do anything to keep the truth from being revealed. However, the Lord will take away his power and freedoms for his part in trying to destroy America and for what he has done to help bring about "The Great Reset".

Other high-profile individuals, including Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and George Soros, will also fall like flies in a fly trap, and there will be many more exposed for their heinous acts and crimes. Europe will experience major scandals regarding the Royals, and a cleansing of the nation has begun. A split within the Royal Family is also predicted, with some on the side of truth and others being liars.

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