Prince Charles - In Arab Garb with a Sword Drawn.

Prophetic Words from Julie Green Concerning Prince Charles

The PDF text contains prophetic messages received by Prophet Julie Green from God, warning about the Royal Family, with Prince Charles as the main target. The messages claim that Prince Charles conspired with globalists and one-world government leaders to destroy the United States, and he will be exposed for his dirty deals and crimes, including those related to Princess Diana’s death. The Queen’s sudden death will also be revealed as a planned murder. Other high-profile individuals will also fall due to their heinous acts and crimes, and Europe will experience major scandals regarding the Royals. A split within the Royal Family is also predicted, with some on the side of truth and others being liars.

Pastor Mark Burns Stand Up For God and Our Rights

Pastor Mark Burns – Stand Up for God and Our Rights

Pastor Mark Burns is a name that has become synonymous with encouraging us to stand up for God and our rights. As a prominent Christian pastor and political commentator, Burns has been a vocal advocate for conservative values and religious freedom.

Pr Greg Locke at PA ReAwaken America Tour

Pastor Greg Locke | Why Christians Must Hold the Line and Gain Ground Against “The Great Reset” Agenda

Pastor Greg Locke is the Founding and Lead Pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, just outside Nashville. The social media firebrand is the author of the #1 Bestselling Spiritual Warfare Series and is the host of On Point with Pastor Greg Locke. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies, a …

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The Final Pope?

I’ve met Tom Horn on at least one occasion several years ago at a conference near Santa Cruz, California. Then and now, I believe that he is committed to doing the best research possible when attempting to connect the dots between what’s happening now and Biblical prophecies. As a fellow watchman on the wall, I …

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